How We Can Help You

Musculoskeletal conditions limit everyday activities such as walking,dressing, and bathing for millions of Americans. While some disorders primarily affect the joints, others affect the bones, muscles, or other extra-articular soft tissues resulting in pain, swelling, and/or limited movement. Whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior or an active retiree, Micro Pain Institute can help relieve your pain so you can return to the physical activities you care about.
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Why Choose Us?

The healthcare professionals at Micro Pain Institute are dedicated to finding the cause of your pain and then helping you find relief. At our office you will be seen and treated quickly. Dr. Belvin’s years of experience have earned him the trust and confidence of his patience as well as other healthcare professionals. Dr. Belvin is the doctor that other doctors choose for their own pain management.

What does board certification mean, and why is it important? To become certified, a physician must spend several years-in some cases, more than six years—after medical school getting supervised, in-practice training. In addition, all specialty boards require passage of a written exam, completed without assistance, usually administered interactively by computer in a secure testing facility. Some specialties also require an oral exam. The exams are intended to assess medical knowledge and clinical judgment.